Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Trump Fatigue Syndrome (TFS)

Well, I have finally caught the disease. It is called Trump Fatigue Syndrome or TFS within the medical community. TFS symptoms include headaches, stress, fatigue and a tendency to stretch out your words, like “huuuge”. And TFS suffers have been known to spontaneously shout out “believe me”  and "something is going on" while walking down the street.
The main cause of TFS is too much Donald Trump. It is kind of like the heartburn and agita you get after one of those “all-you-can eat” Chinese buffets… too much food. In the case of TFS, it is too much  drama.
Consider all the drama and issues that have come up since Donald Trump entered the Presidential race back in January:
… Mexican rapist coming into the country
… the Mexican wall
… the judge of Mexican heritage
… Trump University
… the beauty queen Alicia Machado
… the Trump Foundation
… the “Access Hollywood” abusive audio
… the parade of women groped by the Donald
… the poor performance in the first two debates
… the leaked tax returns with the $ 915 million dollar loss
… the unfounded charges of a rigged election, before the election

So, indeed, many of us are suffering from TFS and drama overload. In fact, for me Donald Trump has become a bore!  Imagine that.
         The good news is that TFS and Donald Trump will most likely go away on its own on November 9th! Especially, if we all get to experience a few “Trumpless days”.

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